Purchasing Precious Metals

Because of the enormous volume that we handle, we are able to narrow our margins and offer the best prices for your precious metals – whether scrap or otherwise. We buy all products containing gold or silver – jewelry, watches, silverware, coins, bars, and even antiques! We also engage in wholesale gold buying.

Many buyers go “by eye,” whereas we depend on a hi-tech, scientific analysis. Because of this technological advantage, we are able to purchase a much wider range of products which often confound buyers, including gold from India and the middle east!

E-skupzlota.com.pl, in collaboration with the Gold Mint, was the first in Poland to make use of Olympus GoldXpert spectrometers, allowing us to measure the content of your bullion with an unparalelled exactitude. What is more is that the service is absolutely free – even if you decide not to sell!

Why the Olympus Goldxpert Spectrometer Makes Selling your Gold and Silver Easier

Spectrometers allow us to accurately determine the metallic composition of objects without any dependence on hallmarks or guesswork.

The process is not intrusive, meaning that there is no need to damage or scratch the item in question.

The result of the analysis is achieved independently of the operator, and thus with no chance of human error.


Gold and silver objects are placed on a special card, and then directly in the analysis chamber. The door is then sealed, and the operator and presses “Start”. XRF beams instantly detect even the slightest impurities, determining the composition of the item. With this information, the Goldxpert generates a detailed report, thus allowing for an objective and precise evaluation of your items.


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