About IAP

Inwestycje Alternatywne Profit S.A has aggressively built both domestic and international brand recognition, earning the trust of tens of thousands of clients the world over. Today, with over 10 years of both retail and wholesale experience dealing in gold, silver, collector coins and diamonds, we are in a better position than ever to understand and service these markets. Being an authorized representative of the largest mints in the world, we have access to an array of alternative investment products, a portfolio which is furthered by our ‘in house’ production of both ingots and coins.

Since 2002, our e-numizmatyka.pl portal has been the go to resource for Polish collectors, hosting a forum which boasts over 25 000 users, allowing us to be the most opinion-forming media in the field of investment in precious ores and coins in Poland.
By effectively using up to date ecommerce techniques and mechanisms, we effectively enable as wide an audience as possible to purchase of bullion, coins and diamonds online – a logical development in the ever growing trend toward online shopping.

In 2013, we started the construction of sales network in major shopping centers in Poland. Currently, we manage a network of 12 showrooms and commercial spaces, with their number growing every year. We have also begun to focus on further culminating our international retail network, with particular attention being paid to English speaking markets.

Whether you are buying from us or selling to us, whether you are an investor or a client, we are deeply committed to discretion, transparency, simplicity and the principle of mutual benefit.