IAP Selected to Handle the Sale of the Famed $1 Million Maple

Originally intended only to be a showpiece, one of the 5 famed 100 Kilo, $1 million nominal value Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins is to be offered for sale – and IAP has been entrusted with marketing the piece in Poland, as well as other select markets. Recognizing our outstanding domestic sales network and brand recognition, IAP will be actively seeking buyers and reviewing offers for this impressive coin.

This is truly an unprecedented offering in the field of numismatics – both in terms of significance, as well as sheer size. Struck in 2007 just before the great commodities rush, the 5 examples of this impressive coin rapidly became symbols of investment furor through the early days of the great recession.This unique status means that today, the coin which is to be offered is not just impressive, but also historically interesting.

Certainly, this offering will serve to raise the profile of the already prestigious RCM. What is more is that it’s being actively marketed in Poland serves as an indication that markets in Central Europe have matured to the point where they are suitable to host such a fantastic offering – one which we are most excited to be handling.